The Salute The Desk app helps you stretch and relax, right at your desk.
Improve your posture and release tension through yoga poses.
Feel calm and refreshed with guided relaxations.
Plan your sessions and set reminders to practice.
You can track and share your progress.
Developed by a qualified yoga, tai chi and qigong instructor.

Feeling hunched over and achy?
The SALUTE THE DESK app will help you work out the kinks by improving your seated posture awareness, and by helping you stretch and release tired muscles. Guided relaxations will help you ease body tension and breathe more deeply.

Enjoy a mini yoga class right at your desk.
Choose from 27 yoga poses and two guided relaxation sessions, with easy to follow audio, video and written instructions. In total, there’s over two hours of content you can customize to suit you.
Let Salute the Desk remind you to stretch, release tired muscles and build good posture.
Breathe deeply.
Be calm.

Scheduling in practice is easy.
Set reminders and track your progress.
Share your progress via social media, email or SMS.
Challenge your friends and colleagues.

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This is a great tool to support your wellbeing at work.